Q: What makes Olajide Hair different?

Known for their meticulous selection of natural organic plant based ingredients, Olajide Hair creates a new standard of beauty through handcrafted products that deliver on their promise. Founded in 2019 in Lancaster, California by Elizabeth Olajide, Olajide Hair is becoming a name synonymous with integrity.

Q: Where are Olajide Hair products made? 

Olajide Hair products are handmade in our purpose-built, scullery in Lancaster, California. Lancaster, California an inspiring and beautiful place to call home.

Q: How does Olajide Hair develop its products? 

Olajide Hair is constantly researching innovative and interesting ingredients and product ideas. We take a collaborative approach and encourage our customers to share their insights. By understanding what our team and customers are looking for, we formulate solution-based products that promote healthy hair.

Our in-house research and development team innovate, formulate, test and fine-tune products before launching to market. This process can take anywhere from 6-12 months. We have the unique benefit of manufacturing ourselves in-house with complete control over the concept, ingredient choice, formulation and final product. Formulating and manufacturing our own products means that we can be nimble and respond to changing market trends.

Q: Where can I find Olajide Hair products? 

You can purchase online at

Q: How to pronounce Olajide Hair? 



Q: Are Olajide Hair products sustainable and environmentally friendly?

At Olajide Hair we continuously research and use ingredients in our product line which are both sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Many of the ingredients we currently use are naturally-derived and over 95% of the ingredients in our product line are either bio or photo degradable.

100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients is our priority as we continuously strive to improve our products and introduce new ones to our line.

Q: Are Olajide Hair product ingredients natural? 

Yes. Many of the ingredients used in our products are naturally derived and/or organic. We have natural and organic herbal or fruit extracts in all Olajide Hair products.

Q: Are Olajide Hair product bottles recyclable and BPA-free? 

Yes, Olajide Hair bottles are BPA-free and recyclable. We use Amber glass bottles to protect our products from UV rays. Please look on the bottom of the bottle for recycling symbol to determine how it can be recycled in your area.

Q: Are preservatives used in Olajide Hair Products? 

We use a natural and organic preservative. 


Q: Are all AG products gluten-free?

Yes, Olajide Hair products are completely gluten-free. Having said this, we strongly suggest that individuals diagnosed with Celiac Disease or who have any concerns whatsoever to consult with their physician prior to using any cosmetic product. 

For further information, we have included a link to the Mayo Clinic, which has researched the issue of gluten in cosmetics and sunscreens answering the question “I have celiac disease. Do I need to be concerned about gluten in hair and sunscreen products?” The answer “No. Gluten-containing skin care products and cosmetics aren’t a problem unless you accidentally swallow them“.

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Q: Do you use parabens in your products? 

Olajide Hair does not use parabens in our products (parabens are used as preserving agents and have been shown to be a concern to human health). At Olajide Hair we use natural organic preservatives with a worldwide safety approval.

Q: What is PABA and why does Olajide Hair choose not to use it? 

PABA, or para-aminobenzoic acid, was one of the first sunblocks that became widely available for purchase in the 1970’s. PABA has been found to be an irritant to the skin and as a precaution, Olajide Hair has chosen not to use it. If it doesn’t grow from dirt, we don’t use it.

Q: What is DEA and why does Olajide Hair choose not to use it? 

DEA is a foaming agent used in shampoos and has been placed on a watch list by the FDA. Olajide Hair uses naturally derived ingredients in our shampoos.

Q: What are sulfates and do Olajide Hair products contain them? 

Sulfates are common cleansing and sudsing agents found in most shampoos, soaps and even toothpastes. Olajide Hair is sulfate-free.

Q: Are Olajide Hair products safe for my colour-treated hair?

Yes. All Olajide Hair products are guaranteed colour-safe and are formulated without adding salt, sodium chloride, as a thickening agent. We use a blend of natural herbal ingredients that soothe and protect hair. Our shampoos are pH balanced and cleanse hair without stripping colour.

Q: Are Olajide Hair products safe for use after a keratin treatment? 

Yes, since Olajide Hair products are formulated without sodium chloride they are safe to use after a keratin treatment.

Q: Does Olajide Hair test on animals? 

No, none of our products are tested on animals. 

Q: Are Olajide Hair products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are plant based.

Q. What is the shelf life of Olajide Hair products? 

For peak freshness we recommend using Olajide Hair products within 6 months.

Q. Are Olajide Hair products silicone-free? 

Yes, all of our products are silicone-free.

Q: Does Olajide Hair use natural herbal extracts? 

Every shampoo in Olajide Hair product line contains a blend of potent, herbal extracts formulated to nourish, protect and strengthen your hair with every use.

Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermints, Rosemary, and other natural oils stimulate and soothe the scalp, add shine and enhance natural highlights and add to the overall health of hair.

In addition to our blend of herbal extracts found in each and every one of our products, we have specialized formulas for specific hair needs.